Petplan Pet Insurance Review

  • Strong, reliable underwriter
  • Oldest, largest pet insurance provider
  • Out of state coverage
  • Coverage for congenital and hereditary conditions
  • Three different plans to select from

About Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan is one of the top pet insurance companies in the United States, and for good reason. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., Petplan is the sister company of pet insurance mogul Petplan UK, the oldest and largest pet insurance firm with over 35 years of experience to date. Because of this longstanding history, Petplan is able to provide higher levels of coverage for a lower cost than newer companies can provide. If you travel often, Petplan has you covered, as your pet will be insured in all 50 states, D.C., and Canada.

Petplan’s underwriter, AGCS Marine Insurance Company, has an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ and a “Stable” outlook as of fall 2015. The Company received the distinction of Faster Growing Private Companies in America in Inc. Magazine in 2011, and was named AARP’s pet insurance partner. They’re used in many shelters and animals organizations throughout the country. Petplan has been consistently rated one of the top pet insurance providers by pet parents.

As they are the largest and oldest pet insurance company, Petplan offers a wide variety of coverage that may not be found elsewhere, including holistic and behavior therapies. Affordable policies and excellent customer service combine to make this a great pet insurance option.

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Coverage Information

Petplan offers coverage for cats and dogs of all types, and enrollment is free. The company even provides a 30-day money back guarantee, so long as you haven’t yet filed a claim. There are three tiers of coverage to choose from: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with corresponding costs and coverage levels.

Petplan insurance programs cover most surgeries and prescription medications, including coverage of food prescribed to dissolve urinary crystals. This makes them a rarity, as other pet insurance companies will not cover this cost.

Diagnostics and lab tests are covered for both cats and dogs. Hospitalization and treatment for most illnesses and injuries are also covered.

Chronic diseases and illnesses are covered so long as the condition was not pre-existing, or did not occur during the waiting period. Petplan offers lifetime coverage of chronic conditions as long as the pet policy is in good standing. They are covered up to the annual maximum payout during a policy year.

Hereditary and congenital conditions are covered so long as they are not pre-existing conditions. These come with no additional charges or requirements.

Petplan offers wonderful hip dysplasia coverage, which is hard to find with other pet insurance plans. As long as your pet did not show signs or symptoms of the condition before signing, you are eligible. Petplan requires a 14-day waiting period for coverage after a new diagnosis is made, making them a great option for those breeds that may often experience this condition.

Dental care is covered should it be caused by an accident.

Pregnancy coverage is limited, but available.

PetPlan offers special coverage with alternative therapy, an aspect of coverage not normally offered by most pet insurance providers. The alternative therapy must be recommended and performed by a licensed veterinarian to qualify.

Behavioral therapy is covered if performed by a licensed veterinarian and needed as the direct result of a medical condition. The veterinarian need not be accredited in behavioral therapy to be covered. However, if they do have accreditation, they may qualify as a specialist, which would require a 20 percent copay. Behavioral therapy coverage has varied monetary limits depending on the plan chosen. Note: obedience training does not fall under applicable behavioral therapy.

Prescription costs are included in standard Petplan insurance policies.

Payout Limits

There are annual maximum payout limits, and these are dependent on the type of plan chosen.

  • Gold Plan – maximum payout of $22,000
  • Silver Plan – maximum payout of $14,000
  • Bronze Plan – maximum payout of $10,000

Deductible Information

Deductibles are paid per condition, per year. That means in any given year, if your pet is involved in multiple incidents and you make multiple claims, the deductible will be paid twice. It resets each year at time of renewal.

Age Limits

There is only one age requirement for Petplan, and that is that your dog or cat need be at least six weeks or older. There is no upper age limit, making Petplan a great option for those seeking insurance plans for an older animal.


Wellness coverage, including routine checkups, most dental care, and vaccinations are not included. They are not available as an upgrade in most cases.

Other Information

Reimbursement is provided at a flat rate for specific vet bills. You will receive back the exact amount paid at the veterinarian’s office or treatment center, minus your deductible.

The waiting period for coverage of injuries is one day, and the waiting period for coverage illnesses is 14 days. Cruciate injuries require a waiting period of six months.

Average claim repayment comes within five to 14 days, but it could be up to 30.

There are 20 percent copays required at specialist appointments. For general coverage, users can choose between three different policy plans with respective copay options of zero, 10, and 20 percent.

Petplan insured pets must receive annual checkups or coverage will not be available, even if monthly premiums are paid.

Petplan offers a variety of discounts and promotions, including money off for online enrollment, a micro-chipped animal, multiple pet enrollment, and for those with medical services animals.

Should I Use Petplan Pet Insurance?

Absolutely, Petplan is a great option for those seeking a reliable coverage service for their pet. With 35 years in the pet insurance business, a strong underwriter, good customer service, and comprehensive plans, Petplan is a strong candidate for your pet insurance needs. Petplan offers coverage for conditions that many other pet insurance companies do not, including congenital and hereditary coverage, special alternative therapy coverage, and coverage for animals who become pregnant. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, they’re a great choice.