Jack Russell Terrier – Everything You Need To Know

jack russel terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier may be small, but it has a true desire for hunting and exploring. As a small and quick dog, the Jack Russell Terrier will chase other small animals, like rodents or cats. While the Jack Russell Terrier may not be the dog for everyone, for an owner who is spunky, energetic, and likes a new adventure every once in a while, a Jack Russell Terrier could make the perfect companion.

History & Origin

The Jack Russell Terrier was bred to be a hunting dog by John Russell, a passionate fox hunter. John Russell’s ideal brand was quick enough to not only keep up with horses but could also track down a fox. He ended up with what we know today as the Jack Russell Terrier.

The Jack Russell Terrier differs in some ways to other terriers, but they are still very similar dogs.


The Jack Russell Terrier always appears as if it is ready to run. As incredibly alert dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog but incredibly strong and quick. They are primarily white in color, which makes them especially useful in hunting situations.

As part of the breed standard, a Jack Russell Terrier should be more than half white. IN addition to the majority of white coat, a Jack Russell Terrier may have supplemental colors of tan, black, or brown. They may also have brindle markings.


The Jack Russell Terrier loves adventure. They are known to run off, explore new areas, and chase equally small animals like rabbits or cats. Their sense of adventure makes them very playful and they enjoy owners with the same sense of adventure and desire to explore the world around them.

Jack Russell Terriers can be trained, but their curiosity can sometimes get the best of them and lead them off into trouble.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog that is both light and quick. Both the male and female Jack Russell Terrier stands between 12 inches and 14 inches tall and weighs between 13 and 17 pounds.


Jack Russell Terriers are usually very healthy animals, but even when well-cared for, they can develop canine disease and conditions. Some of these conditions include hip dysplasia or patellar luxation.

It is important for owners of Jack Russell Terriers to know the major signs and symptoms of various diseases to help their dog get the treatment they need as quickly as possible. The sooner a condition is treated, the higher the chances of a full and complete recovery.

Owners should also ensure they are taking their Jack Russell Terrier to the vet for routine checkups. A vet can double check for signs and symptoms that owners may have missed and ensure the dog is as healthy as possible.

Jack Russell Terriers will also need to get all the necessary vaccinations and immunizations to keep them healthy. They should also be spayed or neutered to further promote a healthy future.


Jack Russell Terriers are usually used as hunting dogs, so they have a very high level of energy. To keep a Jack Russell Terrier happy, they will need many opportunities to burn off that energy during the day. This can make it difficult to care for a Jack Russell Terrier if the family adopting one is not already active.

Because the grooming needs of a Jack Russell Terrier are minimal and they are easily trained, they usually are not difficult to care for. It is just important that those adopting a Jack Russell Terrier understand the unique needs of the breed and can provide the mental and physical stimulation they crave.


Getting the proper amount of food with the right nutrients and vitamins is incredibly important for Jack Russell Terriers. Owners of the breed will want to look for size or breed-specific dog formulas that can help guarantee the dog is getting what it needs.

It is not uncommon for the dietary needs of a Jack Russell Terrier to change as the dog grows from puppy to full grown dog and again as the dog continues to age. Owners should discuss the various needs of their dog with their vet to create a feeding schedule that can keep their dog healthy at all stages of life.

Jack Russell Terriers will need fresh water periodically throughout the day to maintain their health and avoid dehydration.


Jack Russell Terriers will need to be brushed frequently to remove knots, decrease the risk of shedding, and keep the coat shiny and healthy. Regular brushings can also keep the dog feeling comfortable. As an active dog, it is also necessary to give a Jack Russell Terrier the occasional bath.

Owners should also check and clean the ears of their Jack Russell Terrier frequently to remove any buildup up of wax, dirt, or debris that can lead to infection. To prevent tooth or gum infections, owners should brush their dog’s teeth regularly. The nails of a Jack Russell Terrier will also need to be trimmed frequently to reduce risk of cracking.


A Jack Russell Terrier gets along very well with children and strangers, but may have a harder time adjusting to life with other animals. Because the Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog, it is in its blood to chase other animals or bark at unfamiliar dogs.

If a family is able to provide the mental and physical stimulation that a Jack Russell Terrier needs to be happy, it can make a great family pet. For individuals looking for a hunting companion, the Jack Russell Terrier is an excellent choice. But for a family looking for a quiet, calm dog to spend time around the house, a Jack Russell Terrier isn’t their ideal breed.