Australian Cattle Dog – Everything You Need To Know

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog, which may also be called an Australian Heeler or a Queensland Heeler, is an incredibly smart breed of dog frequently used as a working dog. Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely protective of their owners, but also obedient and loyal. As a medium size dog, an Australian Cattle Dog can make a great addition to a family and home.

History & Origin

As the name suggests, Australian Cattle Dogs are native to Australia. The Australian Cattle Dog was primarily used as a working dog on cattle farms throughout the country. Because of the breed’s willingness to work and natural strength, the Australian Cattle Dog was an excellent contribution to the farms.

The Australian Cattle Dog was created in 1902 by Mr. Robert Kaleski. The Australian Cattle Dog we know today was created from mixing a Hall’s heeler, or a mix of a dingo and smooth-coated Scottish collie, with an Australian Kelpie and a Dalmatian.

The unique mix of various breeds created a strong yet medium-sized animal that was great at taking direction and loved working.


Australian Cattle Dogs have a slightly long body, moderate sized ears, and a broad skull. Australian Cattle Dogs have brown eyes that are oval in shape and medium sized. The ears of the Australian Cattle dog are alert and sensitive to noise and the mouth of the breed is strong, making it easier for herding.

Australian Cattle Dogs can be one of five different colors, including blue, blue mottled, blue speckled, red mottled, and red speckled. In addition to the five different colors, Australian Cattle Dogs have three different kinds of markings, including black and tan markings, red markings, and tan markings.


Because Australian Cattle Dogs have it in their blood to want to work, Australian Cattle Dogs are very high-energy animals. They are also highly intelligent. This means the Australian Cattle Dog feels best when it is running around and feels as if it is completing a job with a purpose.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a perfect pet for someone looking for a work companion or wants an animal for competition and performance. Many owners train their Australian Cattle Dog to assist on the farm, herding animals such as cattle, sheep, or small birds. But because Australian Cattle Dogs are also highly obedient, they make a great pet for dog shows and performance competitions.

The Australian Cattle Dog enjoys being trained and spending time with children and other pets or animals. Because of their high amounts of energy and intelligence, the Australian Cattle Dog does not enjoy being left alone.


As a medium-sized dog, the Australian Cattle Dog is usually around 18-20 inches for the male dogs and between 17-19 inches for the female dogs. The length of the body of an Australian Cattle Dog is usually greater than the height of the dog, with a ratio of 9 to 10.

Both the male and female Australian Cattle Dog will weigh between 35 pounds and 45 pounds when they are full grown.


There are a few health risks that frequently appear in Australian Cattle Dogs. Some things to look out for include blindness, dysplasia, and deafness.

Breeders of Australian Cattle Dogs should always be aware of these conditions and have their animals checked before breeding. Because these health conditions often result as a genetic factor, the number of affected Australian Cattle Dogs can decrease when breeders are responsible.


As such intelligent animals, the Australian Cattle Dogs are not difficult to care for. The biggest requirement for owning an Australian Cattle Dog is being able to give it the attention and activity it needs to work off its high energy levels.

Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely independent, but owners will still need to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients and proteins they need to make up for the amount of exercise they like to complete.

The short coat of the Australian Cattle Dog allows for minimal grooming and washing, and although there are some conditions Australian Cattle Dog breeders and owners should look out for, the breed is known for being incredibly healthy and strong.


In addition to providing fresh water, owners of Australian Cattle Dogs will want to ensure they are providing a balanced meal to their animal, complete with nutrients and minerals the dog needs.

The Australian Cattle Dog does not require a specific diet, but because of their high energy, owners will want to ensure they are feeding their animal consistently and delivering the right set of nutrients. Finding a breed-specific dog formula can be beneficial for Australian Cattle Dog.

For assistance in creating a diet sustainable for an Australian Cattle Dog, owners can consult their vet to determine how often the animal should be fed and what components to look for in a dog food. Diets will likely change as the dog ages.


The Australian Cattle Dog has a short coat that requires occasional grooming. Because their coat is so short, they only shed twice a year. Although the dogs are so active, baths are only required occasionally due to the short nature of their fur.

Because the ears of an Australian Cattle Dog stand up, they are susceptible to gathering dirt, wax, or debris. They will need to be frequently checked and cleaned as to eliminate the risk of infection.

Regular brushings and nail clippings are required for Australian Cattle Dogs. Both keep the animal feeling comfortable and healthy while allowing them to perform better in their herding duties.


Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely protective of their owners and the family of their owners. Because of their high intelligence and love for training and obedience, Australian Cattle Dogs can interact great with children, as well as with other pets.

As high energy dogs, the Australian Cattle Dog can be a great addition to an already extremely active family and home.

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