Embrace Pet Insurance Review

  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Quick, high reimbursement payouts
  • Optional wellness plan
  • 14-day waiting period
  • No increase in premiums due to claims

About Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace has offered pet insurance coverage since 2006. Started by two Wharton MBA graduates, the company abides by a set of core values designed to put pets and their owners first. Embrace offers multiple insurance plans designed to fit individual needs, and higher premiums mean higher levels of coverage for your furry friend.

Embrace has repeatedly received awards and accolades in recognition of its wonderful service. The company is a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), and is consistently rated 9/10 by pet owners across the United States.

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Embrace offers two levels of wellness coverage add-ons that provide insurance for wellness exams, vaccinations, preventative surgery, over the counter medications, and other items not commonly covered. This makes them a standout among competitors, as most do not offer any routine checkup coverage.

Coverage Information

Embrace offers a variety of breed-specific conditions, including but not limited to, hip dysplasia, cancer, elbow dysplasia, and allergies. They are well-versed in the issues that particular breeds face in a lifetime, and will work to ensure your animal’s needs are met.

Vet exams of all types are covered, without the need for additional purchase of add-ons or hidden feeds.

Embrace also offers continuous cancer coverage. This includes surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, rehabilitation, alternative treatments, and hospital bills. Embrace does enforce a maximum coverage of $50,000 in reimbursement for a lifetime output.

A variety of alternative therapies and rehabilitation treatments are also covered by Embrace. These areas are not usually covered by other pet insurance companies, which makes Embrace a truly comprehensive program. Some of the treatments available for coverage include:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Holistic Care
  • Homeopathic treatments
  • Therapeutic laser treatments

A wellness rewards program add-on provides wellness exams, vaccinations, preventative surgery, over the counter medications, and prescription diet food. This program makes Embrace unique; other pet insurance companies do not provide this service.

A Dental rewards program is an optional add-on that provides the essential dental care your pet may require. This includes teeth cleaning, dental exams and checkups, X-rays, crowns, fillings, and blood testing, among other things.

Emergency and urgent care hospital visits are covered. A variety of other specialists are also covered, including radiologists, ophthalmologists, physical therapy, and oncologists.

Prescription medications are not included in standard Embrace coverage plans; however, there are prescription drug add-ons that pet owners can purchase.

Payout Limits

There are various payout limits depending on the insurance provided. Their plans provide maximum annual payout limits of $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000, with a lifetime limit of $50,000.

Deductible Information

There is a range of annual deductibles available. They include: $100, $200, $300, $500 or $1,000 per year. Depending on coverage chosen, monthly premium fees can greatly vary. However, these premiums will not increase no matter how many claims are made in a pet’s lifetime.

Reimbursement amounts can be chosen ahead of time, falling into 65%, 80% or $90 per visit.

Age Limits

Embrace does enforce particulars for age and breed of cat or dog.


  • Mixed breed dogs can be enrolled as long as they are eight years and under.
  • Purebred dogs can be enrolled as long as they are six years and under.


  • Mixed breed cats may be enrolled at age 10 or younger.
  • Purebred cats must be enrolled at age 8 or younger.

Out of Age Range:

If your pet does not feel in this age range, he or she may be eligible for accident-only coverage, which offers some but not all of the insurance provided for younger animals. This plan comes with different coverage rates and different deductibles.


There are a few exclusions for all of Embrace’s insurance plans. These include:

  • Prosthetic limbs and mobility devices
  • Pregnancy
  • Preexisting conditions
  • Behavioral treatment not related to medical issues
  • Burial
  • Injuries resulting from cruelty
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Organ transplants

Any preexisting condition is not covered, and any illness or injury that begins or occurs during the waiting period is also exempt for coverage.

Other Information

Clients can use any vet they prefer, and do not need to stick to an in-network provider or clinic.

Embrace offers medical review history assessments to determine the type of care your dog or cat would qualify for. This is completely voluntary, and provides you with the knowledge of pre-existing conditions that would not be covered should a claim be filed.

The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee should you decide not to continue with the service. This is non-refundable should a claim be made during this time.

You may downgrade or upgrade your insurance plan at any time, and those who wish to cancel are also free to end their subscription whenever desired.

The Embrace Healthy Pet Deductible plan decreases your annual deductible by $50 each year that you do not receive a claim reimbursement. This is included with any and every insurance policy.

Embrace offers several discount and promotional options. Some of the discounts offered are available for those with spayed and neutered pets, owners with multiple pets enrolled, active military members, and those who elect to make annual payments in a lump sum.

Should I Use Embrace Pet Insurance?

Yes, this company has proven itself to provide excellent customer service, unique plans unlike any offered elsewhere in the pet insurance industry, and high reimbursement rates.

Happy customers have repeatedly named Embrace their top pet insurance provider, and the company relies on a strong underwriter that ensures payouts will be received in a timely manner at the highest rates possible. Their plans are easily customized to your pets’ needs, and various of levels of coverage offer plans to fit every budget. They are one of the best options for insurance that covers ordinary, everyday vet care bills.