How To Feed Medicine To A Feline

Cats can be difficult at times, but we love them anyway. At some point in your cat’s life, you will probably have to feed them medication. Sometimes cats seem to almost sense that something is off about their typical meal. Fooling your feline into quickly taking the medication they need to be healthy is easy with these tips.

Read Carefully To See If Medication Should Be Taken With Food Or On Empty Stomach

Medication that can be given by being mixed into your cat’s typical cat food is often the easiest. However, there may be some medications that need to be given well before a meal. If you have a hard time getting your cat to take medicine that cannot be mixed in then, your vet may be able to recommend a medication that can be. Don’t ignore the directions and feed with food unless your veterinarian tells you to do so.

Handle Your Kitty Right

There is an art to holding a cat so that they are more comfortable and less likely to injure you while you are giving medication. If you use your right hand most of all, then hold the cat’s head from the top using your left hand. Your fingers should be around the cat’s head and your thumb below the chin.  You can use this position to open your cat’s mouth and pop a pill or dropper in for a quick squirt.

Pilling Device

Giving a pill without mixing into food can be accomplished using a pilling device. This is simply a usually plastic dispenser that contains the pill. You place the device in the cat’s mouth and depress. This can save your fingers and hands from scratches and bites.

Be Efficient

Going too slow can give your cat more time to react to a situation they are not comfortable being in.  If there is too much time for them to get scared, then you are more likely to have a hard time the next time you have to give them their medication.

Find A Treat They Like

There are a lot of cat treats on the market, so you have a lot of options. Many veterinarian offices sell treats that have a hollow center for inserting pills. These work well with some cats, but any other soft treat can do the trick.

Don’t Give Up

It is very important not to give up when it comes to your cat’s health. Even difficult felines often get in the habit of taking their medication over time. If you are having an especially hard time giving pills, you may be able to get a liquid form or have your vet make a liquid for you. Some medications are not available in a liquid because they don’t remain stable and lose their potency rapidly. Make sure to observe expiration date precisely if giving liquid medications.

Spend Some Quality Time With Your Cat

There is no reason for medication time to be any less pleasant than it has to be. Petting your cat and playing with them before and after medication time can make them dislike medication time a bit less. Playing with a favorite toy or just petting them goes a long way towards a better relationship with your cat.

Consistency Is Key

Cats often have a routine that they are comfortable with. Your goal as a pet owner should be to find a place for medication time in their routine. Medication needs to be given at the same times each day. Adjusting the timing of medication is something you should discuss with your vet. Sometimes a gradual change is best for both the cat and owner. Longer lasting medications may be available as well if it is impossible for you to be at home during the times your cat needs medicine.

Medicate In A Calm Space

Cats can be very skittish of loud noises or unexpected movements. Medication time is especially stressful for some cats. If you have young children in the home, take the cat to a separate space where they are comfortable and not jumpy.

Seek Assistance When Needed

There are cats that require some help to medicate. If you live with someone, you might enlist them or ask your vet about devices that can help you restrain your cat more comfortably and safely. An aggressive and scared cat can cause a lot of damage if they last out at you or a loved one.

  • March 8, 2016
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