Can’t Afford Vet Services for Your Dog? Here are Resources That Can Help!

Getting your dog the medical assistance they need is just as important as ensuring you have your own check ups throughout the year. But if you’re struggling to pay your bills, it can become difficult to give your dog the care they truly need.

Thankfully, there are a number of resources available to you that can help you pay for your dog’s vet services.

The AAHA Foundation

The AAHA Foundation is an extension of the American Animal Hospital Association. Through the AAHA Helping Pets Fund, the AAHA Foundation helps both animals who have been abandoned and animals whose owners cannot afford to pay for their necessary treatment.

The RedRover Relief Program helps assist animals and pet owners who are trapped in life-threatening or tragic situations, including domestic abuse victims looking to escape an abusive home with their pets or disaster relief situations.

The Pet Fund

As a nonprofit association, The Pet Fund provides financial support to individuals who are having difficulty paying for their vet bills or cannot afford to get their pet the care they need.

Harley’s Hope Foundation

Like The Pet Fund, Harley’s Hope Foundation helps pet owners who are having difficulty affording the veterinary services they need. Harley’s Hope Foundation also works to help individuals with guide dogs or other service animals or seniors who might need additional assistance taking care of their pets.


IMOM focuses on assisting individuals spay/neuter their animals if they cannot afford to pay for the procedure alone. IMOM also has a customer support staff that can help answer any questions or provide you with additional resources to solve problems or treat conditions with your dog without needing to take a trip to the vet.

Brown Dog Foundation

The Brown Dog Foundation knows that unfortunate circumstances usually happen together. That is why they provide financial assistance if your dog needs a life-saving treatment or procedure during a time of temporary financial instability.

Shakespeare Animal Fund

Named after “Shakespeare,” an animal who died due to an inability to afford the treatment he needed, The Shakespeare Animal Fund assists people who cannot afford to pay for their pet’s treatments and check ups on their own, but pay special attention to those who live below the poverty line or are disabled or elderly and unable to work.

Handicapped Pets Foundation

When a pet becomes injured, the amount of care they need can skyrocket – adding more and more vet bills for the owner. But because an injured or handicap pet needs medical attention more frequently, the new treatments and procedures usually aren’t optional. That’s where the Handicapped Pets Foundation comes to help. As a non-profit corporation, the Handicapped Pets Foundation helps individuals who are elderly, injured, or disabled by assisting with bills or donating equipment when needed.

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation helps animals in a number of ways. In addition to assisting dog owners who are unable to pay their bills, the Onyx & Breezy Foundation also works to save animals from high-kill shelters and provides spay/neuter programs.

Situation Specific Foundations

In addition to foundations that help all dogs and pets get the financial support they need for treatment or procedures, there are also a number of breed specific foundations to help out your animal when in need. These foundations focus on one breed of dog to help bring assistance at a local, state, or national level and can be found through checking with your breed’s groups or clubs.

Another type of situation specific foundation includes disease specific foundations. These kinds of foundations bring assistance to dogs suffering from life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and more. A few examples of disease specific foundations include Canine Cancer Awareness, The Reidel & Cody Fund, Helping Harley Fund, and The Big Hearts Fund.

Other Solutions for Financial Support

Most foundations were created with the goal of assisting families or animals who are in need during an emergency situation, so not everyone will qualify to get the help they need. Luckily, foundations aren’t the only way to get the financial support you need to care for your pet.

One option is to use a crowdsourcing website to raise the funds from friends and family members who are able to provide assistance. With these websites, such as GoFundMe or GiveForward, you can create a specific page to receive donations for your pet and medical situation.

There are also special credit cards you can use to pay for a procedure or visit and establish a payment plan through the card. There are also shelters and organizations all over the country that can provide you with low cost vaccines and spay/neuter procedures.

Don’t allow a poor financial situation keep you from getting your dog the help and care needed. There are many options available to you and dozens of foundations that want to help you take care of your animal. Reach out to a foundation, start a crowdfunding page, or find a low-cost facility that can meet your needs.

  • April 25, 2016
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