5 Tricks to Help Your Dog Live Much Longer

Our dogs are members of the family, so it’s natural we want them to live as long as possible. Adding years to our pups’ lives isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With just a few simple changes, you could extend the life of your four-legged friends.

Here are five things you can do to make your dog live longer:

Feed them healthy foods

Just like humans, dogs need a diet comprised of healthy, nutrient-rich foods. But unfortunately, too many dog owners fail to provide their pets with the food they should really be getting.

Instead of just purchasing whatever dog food is the cheapest, spend a little extra to get an organic pet food that will better suit your dog’s body. You could also create your own dog food blend using a combination of meats and vegetables, like chicken and carrots.

Not only will a healthy diet provide your dog with a balanced meal they need to keep going, you can also help your pup maintain their weight. The more fit your dog is, the better off they will be.

Get some exercise

A healthy diet isn’t enough to keep your dog fit. You’ll also want to ensure your dog is getting enough exercise, which provides the additional benefit that you’ll be getting more exercise as well.

Set up a schedule where you take your dog for walks or runs every day. Letting them get out of the house, run around, and interact with other dogs can make them happier and healthier, adding years to their life.

Show your love

Just like humans, dogs are happier when they are interacting with others. Showing your affection for your pet can actually help them live longer.

Create a bond with your dog that fosters a strong relationship. Just like humans, dogs are happier when they feel loved and have relationships they can count on. Through developing routines that allows your dog to connect and rely on you, you’re helping to promote their mental health.

The mental health of your animal is just as important as your own mental health. Happiness can encourage your pet to be healthier, which can make them live longer. Let your dog know that you care about them and introduce them to other animals, such as another pet or a neighbor’s dog, that they can be friends with. Interaction with other dogs or animals can be just as beneficial to the mental health of your pet as interaction with you.

Keep your home clean

Dogs interact with our homes in a different way. They are much closer to the floor and come face to face with furniture and cabinets. It also isn’t uncommon to see dogs licking or eating mysterious objects and spills they find on the floor.

Keeping your home clean can ensure your dog does not get into something it shouldn’t, which can prevent illnesses or allergies. There are a number of human foods and drinks that shouldn’t be consumed by animals, so if you spill or drop something, be sure to pick it up before the dog can get to it.

You will also want to ensure your floor is clean of any toys or small objects that your dog could potentially choke on.

Using toxic-free or natural cleaning products can further guarantee your dog lives a long and happy life. Eliminating toxic products from your household is not only beneficial for your pets, but also for you.

Make routine trips to the vet

Be sure that your dog is healthy by making routine trips to the vet. If your dog develops any diseases or illnesses, there is a better chance they can fight them off when they are detected early and treated properly.

When your dog is full grown, just one annual check up should be enough. Puppies should visit the vet more frequently, about two to four times a year. But don’t hesitate to make an extra appointment with a vet if your pet is acting funny. Because you can’t communicate with your dog to ask what is wrong, it is always better to see a vet for something small than to ignore what could potentially be a life-threatening condition.

Keeping dogs healthy isn’t much different than keeping ourselves healthy, and healthy animals are sure to live longer than those who aren’t taken care of properly. If you want to add years to the lives of your pups, start feeding them healthy meals, ensure they get enough exercise, keep your home free of harmful chemicals or potential choke hazards, make routine vet visits, and always show them how much you care.

  • April 30, 2016
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